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While yesterday it was in the air, today it is present in the water and tomorrow it will be in the soil. What is it? A drop of water, a gas bubble or a grain of sand?

There is no simple answer to this question. Water, air and soil are strongly related. That doesn't make it easy to classify a solution for an environmental problem.

The Trevi strategy is using a wide approach for each environmental problem, involving a team of environmentalists, all experts in their own environmental field. Our first concern is to achieve a maximum reduction at the source, which has been our main objective ever since the beginning in 1992.

Thanks to an enthusiastic team of people with different specialities, Trevi can handle most projects from start to finish with its own experienced staff. Indeed, the diversity of employees is one of the keystones of Trevi: laboratory assistants, environmentalists, technical designers, welders, mechanical engineers, electricians, programmers and project engineers, all working together for a better environment.

Every project, big or small, is continuously increasing our know-how, resulting in a growing competence for the next project. As a result, Trevi offers a wealth of experience in environmental advice and technology in a wide range of environmental fields. All this is illustrated on this website.

General Manager
Stefaan Deboosere

Quality and environment policy statement

1. A win-win relationship with their customers
Trevi wants to establish a long term partnership with his clients. Therefore Trevi aims for a global and resource limiting approach.

2. A qualitatively distinguished and cost-conscious solution for the client
The quality of the delivered work is essential and contributes to a long term cooperation.

3. Continuous improvement
Trevi wants to pursue a continuous improvement within its own organisation and towards the customer. Therefore internal audits, evaluations and customer satisfaction inquiries are organised.

4. Protection of the environment
Being an environmental technology enterprise, Trevi wants to lead by example through limiting the burden on the environment by its own organisation as well as in the advice given to clients.

5. Partnership with suppliers
High quality materials and suppliers are at the start of a high quality project.

6. Trevi complies with legislation and all regulations that are applicable.

7. Respect and appreciation
Trevi strives to be an enterprise where employees can work together in a pleasant and respectful manner.


Trevi Environmental Solutions is a Belgian company founded in 1992 by the present directors. The company is directed by Stefaan Deboosere and Jacky Mortelmans and has a team of employees with different specialties including environmental consultants, process experts, programmers and installers. This wide expertise offers the client the advantage they can solve all their environmental problems completely with only one partner and this in the disciplines water, air and energy. Since its foundation Trevi has constantly grown.

  • In 2001 an unoccupied property at the ex-Arbed site at Gentbrugge was achieved and in 2002 a thorough renovation was started where the premises were transformed into the contempory offices and workshops. End 2004 the offices were inaugurated.
  • In 2004 Trevi sarl, the French establishment at Roncq was founded.
  • In 2005 Trevi obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.
  • In 2006 was decided to invest in green energy and the engineering company BiogasTec nv was incorporated.
  • Trevi invested systematically in green power plants (fermentors with CHP) since 2007. Next subsidiaries were founded chronologically: Agrikracht, GSL, Digrom Energy and Leiestroom. All together they represent an energy production capacity of about 12 MW (or the consumption of about 30 000 households).
  • In 2009 Trevi obtained the VCA-certificate for safety management.
  • Trevi was 2 times chosen as a regional Voka-ambassador in November 2010 and June 2011.
  • In 2011 the activities of BETE were incorporated into Trevi.
  • At the end of 2011 electricity supplier Trevion nv was founded: Trevion sells the green energy produced by his subsidiaries directly at the market.
  • IPEC joined the Trevi group in 2013, specialized in specific activated carbon applications.
  • The Trevi group was extended with SJWS (Smet Jet Water Solutions) in 2014. By this cooperation also all individual and small waste water treatment project can be managed.
  • Early 2017: Acquisition of T&D Milieuadvies to strengthen and further expand the environmental administration department.
  • 2017: Founding of Albertstroom. Construction and operation of the largest biogas plant in Belgium. Accounting for a total power of 12 MW (equivalent of about 30 000 families). Operational since late 2019.
  • 2018: Opening new office in Grobbendonk on the Albertstroom site.
  • 2019: Establishment of Ardo Energy Belgium. A consortium between the Trevi Group and Ardo nv. This company is responsible for new energy projects for the Ardo group in Belgium. Including some large-scale PV installations.
  • March 2020: Trends Gazelle for the 11th time.

Currently Trevi, including all subsidiaries, counts more than 160 employees and has a turnover of about € 50 million at group level. Trevi realised over 200 waste water treatment plants, 200 air purification installations, 80 manure treatment plants and 100 energy plants, including 6 biogas plants with digestate handling and some wind turbines.These projects were realised world wide. Furthermore Trevi has to the clients disposal a fleet of 130 mobile treatment plants to use for pilot tests or full scale water or air treatment. Trevi already executed over 1000 study assignments. Trevi has 3 patents on its name, 2 concerning manure treatment and 1 together with BiogasTec nv regarding biogas production combined with digestate treatment.

Trevi is also the exclusive distributor and producer of a unique fine-bubble aeration system (MESSNER Aeration Panel) for industrial use in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

For further information about our activities you can always contact us without obligations using following co-ordinates.


logo ISO 9001   

In 2005 Trevi obtained the ISO 9001 quality management system standing for a continuous improvement of services concerning environmental consultancy and technology. This is achieved by i.a. offering edifying quality and bargain priced solutions to our customers. In this way Trevi aims at a maximum customer satisfaction which is periodically tested by means of a customer survey. Click here for the certificate.

logo ISO 14004   

Also in 2005 the ISO 14001 environmental management system was awarded to Trevi since their commitment to restrict the environmental load in consequence of our activities at an absolute minimum. Aiming at durable enterprising and the continuous decrement of the impact from our activities on our environment, an evironmental policy was outlined and several environmental objectives were formulated. Click here for the certificate.

logo VCA   

In 2009 Trevi achieved the VCA safety management system (Safety, health and environment Checklist for Contractors) pursueding a maximum protection of our employees. Trevi executes her activities handling a stringent safety policy by eleminating foreseeable dangers and reducing risks at a general acceptable level. Click here for the certificate.

logo LNE   

Trevi disposes of a team of environmental experts among which a number certified as EIA expert in the discipline water by the Flemish Minister of Environment. This means you can always appeal Trevi to conduct mandatory studies such as enforced by the government in the special conditions of the environmental permit.

logo VCM   

In 2000 Trevi was the first Flemish company who received a prototype certificate from the Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Treatment. This prototype certificate (VCM/2000/01) indicates i.a. the Trevi manure treatment system complies with VLAREM II, is durable and causes no nuisance to the environment.