Energy | Approach

Our solutions for your energy questions:

Research and realisation

Trevi offers also consultancy and technology within the energy domain

  • energy audit within the scope of rational energy use (REG)
    • draw up conjugated balances of energy and mass
    • optimising energy efficiency and effectiveness
    • invoice analyses
    • best available techniques (BAT)
  • power use measuring and registration
  • energy plan

  • technical and economical feasibility study
    • optimising processes
    • launching new progressive techniques
    • decrement energy dependence
    • recuperation and valorisation of residual heat and waste heat
  • pilot tests
  • installation of new realisations and optimisation of existing installations
    • heaters and coolers
    • evaporators and humidifiers
    • hygienisators and sterilisators
    • combined heat and power (CHP)
    • heat pump
    • installations for renewable heat and green power
    • dryers
  • Trevi has developed in cooperation with their subsidiary BiogasTec a patented technology for combined fermentation and digestate treatment

PV solar panels

Cost-effective and environment-friendly power supply by means of photovoltaic solar panels

  • as well for small SME's as big industrial projects
  • a Trevi installation of photovoltaic energy is distinguished by the use of approved materials and an unfailing design
  • before each installation a staff member passes by to discuss and establish the ideal dimensions and the optimal design
  • with assistance of the so-called "Sun-Eye" a shade analysis is executed on your roof
  • decoupling boards of own manufacturing

Trevi provides also for own power supply by green power production on the roof of the office buildings

  • the different types of mounted panels allow to follow up and compare the practical achieved efficiency