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  • biological water treatment
  • 250 m³/day


Browar Fortuna is a Polish brewery, located in Miloslaw, a small city in the West of Poland. The brewery was founded in 1889 and has experienced important revival and recession periods since then. After 1995, when the brewery was returned to the prewar proprietors, a periode of renovation and innovation began and the brewery progressed to be an important Polish beer producer.

In 2011 Trevi was assigned to build a first waste water treatment plant. The discharge of waste water followed the production growth: what initially started with one standarized  treatment container for a flow of 5 m3 per day was expanded over the years to a complex of three adapted container units.

Modular container treatment

The treated waste water is being discharged into a nearby surface water connected with carp breeding ponds, so an undiscussed quality is required. From 2014 a growing part of the waste water was being discharged in the public sewer by which a further scale up was recommended. The actual flow was raised till > 50 m3/day with an average COD concentration of > 4000 mg/L COD. The modular container principle was becoming unsustainable and a new design was proposed. The new waste water treatment plant is a full scale biological WWTP consisting of an aeration tank of 1000 m3 and a secondary clarifier with a 50 m2 surface, resulting in a capacity of  250 m3 waste water per day. All necessary measuring equipment is available to guarantee an efficient process control and follow-up, as well on site as from a remote Trevi desktop.

To respect budget agreements the project was split up. In a first phase the biological treatment tank is operated as a batch process, hence without the need of a secondary clarifier. Once the raising load of waste water is exceeding the treatment capacity the secondary clarfiier is installed in a second phase (actually planned from 02/2016). Of course underground piping work and electrical control were dedicated to the final design from the start.


Detail aeration

New aeration tank