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In 2006 was decided to invest in green energy and the engineering company BiogasTec was incorporated. BiogasTec is active in renewable energy offering biogas technology.

Since 2007 green power is produced by the company Agrikracht, a co-operation with Leievoeders. The treatment plant of Agrikracht generates biogas out from manure, waste and specified crops.

Bete® is the registered trademark of our scrubbers for the treatment of harmful, corrosive or contaminating components in waste gases. It concerns among others the removal of the strongly toxic and inflammable ethylene oxide, the treatment of residual gases from gas cylinders and the washing out of hydrogen sulphide from biogas. This has led to renowned customers all over the world.

Trevion, subsidiary of Trevi, provides 'green energy from the neighborhood' at affordable prices. The energy is produced in environmental friendly fermentation plants, supplied with biological waste, manure and corn. In 2013 about 60 000 MWh is delivered by green power plants with Trevi participitation, the equivalent of the consumption of 20 000 households.