Rental | Trevi

Trevi has mobile treatment plants and environmental technology for rent, in containers or on skids, immediately deployable, as a standalone module or combined, as emergency solution, as a test or as a definitive installation.

  • tailor made rental formule (equipment, follow up, remote control)
  • postponed purchase possible
  • development and construction of new rental installations at customer wishes
  • please mail us for more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Water treatment

  • buffer - grease trap - flotation
  • physicochemical waste water treatment
  • biological water treatment: BioGP, MBR
  • sand filter
  • disinfection
  • neutralization
  • ion exchange
  • ...

Air treatment

  • odour adsorption
  • lava filter
  • ozone injection
  • biofilter
  • biotrickling filter
  • scrubber
  • ...

Ground water sanitation

  • sand filtration and activated carbon filtration
  • stripping
  • activated biosludge on carrier
  • selective ion exchange
  • ...