Soil | Approach

Our integrated approach strategy to your soil problems includes:

Studies and advice

To find the best environmental solution one starts with a study, going from a simple investigation into a polluting source parameter to the most complex audit. Trevi has recognized soil remediation experts, which means that even studies imposed by the special conditions of a environmental permit or lawsuits can be supervised.

  • studies and consultancy from recognized soil remediation experts type 2
    • drawing up technical report for soil excavation projects
    • conducting soil surveys (OBO, BBO ...)
    • second opinion soil remediation
    • guidance during calamities
    • monitoring aftercare

  • studies and consultancy in regard to groundwater sanitation technology
    • commisioned by either an external expert or the party that is obligated to remedy the situation
    • studies and advice in the scope of best available techniques (BAT) for groundwater remediation
      • evaluation of applicable technologies
      • evaluation feasibility/compatibility existing water treatment plants
      • dimensioning
      • cost-benefit analysis
      • second opinion

Lab test

Trevi has it's own laboratory with different lab-scale tests to support advice regarding Best Available Techniques (BAT) for groundwater treatment

  • different lab arrangements to investigate the feasibility of ground water sanitation in lab tests
    • biological degradation
    • physico-chemical techniques
    • activated carbon
    • stripping
    • de-ironing
  • execute analyses of sum parameters (COD, BOD, ...) for a quick scan and evaluation during lab arrangement

Pilot installations and leasing

Trevi has an extensive fleet of pilot plants that can be deployed at short notice. By means of these pilot installations the groundwater remediation technique can be tested.

  • separate mobile units available per technique
    • stripping
    • oil/water separator
    • biological treatment with actived sludge or carrier material
    • physico-chemical treatment
    • sand filtration
    • actived carbon filter
    • selective ion exchange
  • a sizeable flexibility by
    • combination of different units
    • construction or adaptation of installations by own staff
    • ...

A pilot installation is closely monitored to gather as much relevant data as possible in a short time span. Trevi also developes new pilot installations in response to specific problems and needs.

These pilot plants can also be used as a rental. This is amongst other reasons interesting because of the temporary nature of the remediation or the limited investment needed.

Design and realisation

Trevi designs and creates diverse installations for groundwater remediation

  • development of new installations
  • design and dimensioning
  • construction of specific installations in our own workshop, i.a.:
    • rental (mobile installations)
    • purchase
    • integration with existing water treatment plants


Start-up & Follow-up

Trevi offers support during the remediation project.

  • start-up installation
  • follow-up of the installation
    • enviromental audit
    • maintenance and interventions
  • interim report with evaluation of remediation process
  • adapting the installation in function of the actual sanitation progress and optimisation of operational parameters