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A study is being initiated to find the best environmental solution.Trevi can offer from a simple source investigation of the polluting parameters to the most complex audit. With respect to the problems of water, air, energy, manure or Legionella, a study forms the basis for an appropriate and specific design, preferably confirmed by laboratory tests or pilot tests. An embodiment based on the study work includes technical measures of purification and limitation of resources, taking into account the minimum investment and operating costs.

Study and advice - Water

Study work on water related challenges includes

1. Wastewater surveys

  • Hydraulic balance of water sources, consumers and wastewater flows
  • Source assessment and pollution load balance
  • Evaluation Best Available Techniques (BAT)
  • Introduction optimisations and evaluation of CAPEX and OPEX

2. Rain water assessment

  • Surface inventory and modelling of storm water flows
  • Characterisation of water composition
  • Simulation pumping stations, buffer tanks and treatment equipment
  • Scenario-analysis of buffering, reuse, infiltration and delayed discharge of non-polluted run-off
  • Scenario-analysis and design of polluted run-off water treatment

3. Screening of water treatment installations

  • Evaluation dimensioning and operation
  • Evaluation Best Available Techniques (BAT)
  • Introduction optimizations and evaluation CAPEX and OPEX
  • Minimization chemical consumption and sludge production
  • Negotiation of acceptable discharge limits

4. Alternative water sources and zero-discharge requirements

  • Identification of consumers and required water quality
  • Research appropriate treatment and impact water management
  • Cost-benefit analysis

5. Masterplan water and wastewater

  • Discharge requirements compliance
  • Realisation zero-discharge projects
  • Reduction of water consumption and wastewater production
  • Cost decrease establishment for water use and wastewater treatment and discharge

Trevi has recognized experts in the field of water treatment, which means that even studies imposed by the special conditions of an environmental permit or lawsuits can be supervised.

Study projects are indispensable in order to achieve sustainable long term solutions. Some customer references are shared in next project sheets:

Study and advice - Air

Studies and consultancy concerning air pollution and waste gas treatment

1. Ventilation and waste gas surveys

  • Executing airside studies
    • odour
    • volatile organic compounds
    • gases
    • dust / particles
    • ventilation
  • Performance, coordination and interpretation of emission measurements
  • Advice with regard to process integrated air pollution prevention techniques

2. Design and optimisation waste gas purification techniques

  • Selection and dimensioning of best available waste gas abatement techniques
    • implementation of source reduction measures
    • Best Available Techniques (BAT)
  • Advice with regard to optimisation of existing abatement techniques

3. Studies environmental permits

  • Mandatory studies as specified in the environmental permit (special conditions)
    • control of compliance with emission limits
    • support for olfactory analysis of a factory site
    • sensory study in the vicinity

Study and advice - Energy

Trevi offers also consultancy and technology within the energy domain.

1. Energy audit

  • Energy audit within the scope of rational energy use (REG)
    • draw up conjugated balances of energy and mass
    • optimising energy efficiency and effectiveness
    • invoice analyses
    • best available techniques (BAT)
  • Power use measuring and registration
  • Energy plan
  • Technical and economical feasibility study
    • optimising processes
    • launching new progressive techniques
    • decrement energy dependence
    • recuperation and valorisation of residual heat and waste heat

2. Feasibility study PV solar panels

Trevi can act as an EPC contractor for your PV project. In the first instance, we examine the feasibility.Both for small SMEs and for large industrial projects. We carry out a site visit, check the condition of the roof, the electrical connection and request data.We prepare a detailed quotation in consultation with the customer, examine the preconditions such as roof loads and injection capacity and provide a complete and accurate profitability calculation.

3. Detailstudies PV solar panels

When the PV project appears profitable, we start with the necessary studies that are required in advance:

  • Ballast study
  • Shadow study
  • Power grid study
  • Water study (in case of floating construction)

4. Feasibility study wind turbines

We look at which technology is most interesting for a specific location.For a wind turbine, we initially perform a quick scan.In a quick scan analysis, the possible preconditions that may apply to the development of a wind energy project within the proposed project zone are critically analyzed.As a result, the quick scan analysis yields the resulting search zone for the arrangement of the wind turbines if possible. The main spatial preconditions are:

  • Distance to residential areas and (zone-foreign) homes
  • Status according to the regional wind plan
  • Roads, railways
  • High voltage and gas
  • Aviation
  • Monuments and landscapes
  • Nature, birds and bats

5. Studies in the context of a permit application for wind turbines

If the process turns out to be favorable, we assist with the permit application. We mediate with the various partners involved in a permit application. All necessary studies are carried out:

  • Safety study
  • Sound study
  • Shadow flicker study
  • Water study
  • Transport study
  • Bird study