Water | Lamella separator


Sludge separation: lamella separator


  • Removal of precipitable substances
  • Separation of suspended solids


A parallel plate separator (PPS) is a clarifier and therefore gravitationally separates particles and flocks from water. Thanks to the parallel plate pack, the internal surface of the clarifier is enlarged significantly. Therefore, a PPS is much more compact than a normal clarifier. Particles that collide with one of the plates during the settling process slide down along the plate and are collected and removed via the conical bottom of the parallel plate separator.



A lamella separator can be applied in similar situations as a normal clarifier and will be the preferred option if lack of space is a key issue.

Example of realisation

Top view of a lamella separator (lamellas still to be installed)

Operational costs

While with a lamella separator a great clarification surface is realized on a relatively small ground surface, a lamella separator needs more maintenance than a classical clarifier. The parallel plate pack needs to be cleaned regularly because of the accumulation of sludge on the plates.