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Sludge dewatering: filter cloth applications


A major operating cost for water purification is the sludge disposal cost. The lower the dry matter content of this sludge, the more one is paying for the disposal of water. To significantly lower the costs for sludge disposal dewatering is often recommended. Sludge dewatering means that the free water between the solid materials is removed so that a semi-solid mass is obtained.


More advanced sludge dewatering techniques make use of a filter cloth. Conditioning of the sludge with a polyelectrolyte is often necessary to achieve optimum results.

Possibilities of application

Example of realisation

                                            Sludge dewatering container

Approach Trevi

Trevi aims to initially minimize the sludge production by means of process oriented interventions. For this we look both to a reduction of the pollution load from the production as well as optimization of the water treatment plant (load, chemical use). We then investigate in function of the amount and type of sludge if there's an economic advantage to be gained via sludge thickening, sludge dewatering and sludge drying, and if so by what technique.With the degree of sludge dewatering the cost of dewatering increases. The balance between intensity of dewatering and sludge disposal costs has to be found.