Water | Fine bubble aeration

Our own fine bubble aeration for biological waste water treatment applications

For the supply of oxygen in our realizations Trevi has its own unique fine bubble aeration system. Trevi has been a distributor and producer of MESSNER® fine-bubble plate aerators in water treatment since 1992. More technical details: see MESSNER Aeration Panel.

Dealer and manufacturer of MESSNER® fine bubble aeration panels since 1992

  • licensee for Benelux and France
  • high efficiency aeration
    • low energy consumption achieved by the production of very fine air bubbles (3 to 6 kg O2/kWh)
    • resulting in a low CO2-emission
  • high sludge concentrations
    • still sufficient mixing capacity and oxygen supply at sludge concentrations up to 20 g/l thanks to the large surface of the aeration panels
    • this results in compact installations and low sludge production
  • environmental protection
    • no odour nuisance
    • no emission of aerosols
    • no noise nuisance
  • simple and fast to install
  • numerous references in sanitary and industrial waste waters (all sectors)