Water | Approach

Our strategy for the integrated approach to your wastewater problem includes, among others:

Studies and advice

To find the best environmental solution one starts with a study, going from a simple investigation into a polluting source parameter to the most complex waste water audit. Trevi has recognized experts in the field of water treatment, which means that even studies imposed by the special conditions of a environmental permit or lawsuits can be supervised.

Studies and consultancy regarding all possible aspects of water balance and management:

  • waste water audit or water assessment
    • drawing of waste water treatment plans
    • survey of waste water flows
    • water balance calculation
    • implementation of pollution prevention techniques
    • process optimisation
  • investigations required by the government
    • introduction water-saving measures
    • search for alternative water sources (surface water, rain water, reuse process water,...)
    • disconnection from sewerage system
    • environmental impact study
    • applicability of existing emission reduction techniques
    • feasability study discharge conditions
  • best available techniques (BAT)
  • guidance zero liquid discharge (ZLD) statute
    • evaluation feasibility
    • drawing up files and reporting
  • certified EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) expert in the water discipline

Study projects are indispensable in order to achieve sustainable long term solutions. Some customer references are shared in next project sheets:

Lab tests

Trevi has a well-equipped laboratory for analysis and lab-scale experiments as support for consultancy and development of new waste water treatment technologies

  • execution of analyses
    • COD, BOD, suspended solids
    • nitrogen parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, total nitrogen)
    • total phosphor
    • dry matter, VSS, ...
    • ...
  • microscopical investigation of activated sludge
  • gas analysis by means of GC
  • several lab arrangements and tests possible
    • jar-test or flocculator (simulation physico-chemical treatment)
    • Buchner-funnel test (standardised test to determine the dewatering capacity of sludge)
    • Zahn-Wellens test (standardised test to determine biodegradability)
    • toxicity tests
    • evaporation tests
    • respiration tests (standardised test to determine endogeneous and exogeneous activity of the sludge)
    • determination of nitrification rate of activated sludge

Pilot plants for tests and leasing of temporary installations

Trevi has an extensive fleet of pilot plants that can be deployed at short notice. These systems cover most techniques used by Trevi in its treatment plants. A pilot installation gets closely monitored to gather in a short time span as much relevant data as possible. Trevi also develops new pilot installations in response to specific problems and needs.

These pilot plants can also be used on a rental base. This can be advantageous because of the limited investment needed, or if the nature and flow rate of the waste water is uncertain in the future. Several installations are available for waste water treatment pilot tests on site

Design & realization

Trevi designs and builds water treatment plants ranging in size from 5 m³ per day to 15.000 m³/day utilizing different techniques. The design encompasses the necessary layout plans, electrical schematics, piping drawings and programming of the PLC. The implementation of it all is done entirely in-house and involves the electric, mechanical as well as instrumentation and control engineering including coordination. For the concrete constructional engineering Trevi works with a number of reliable partners.


Start-up & follow-up

Several types of follow-up are possible, varying from a periodical audit to the entire exploitation of the water treatment installation:

  • coaching and guidance during start-up and follow-up
    • support during start-up
    • compiling the complete technical documentation and the operating manual for the installation
    • formation and training of operators and other internal personnel
    • steering for remote control
    • registration and visualisation of process parameters
    • remote follow-up by Trevi at the office
  • periodical audit and remote surveillance
  • complete outsourcing by exploitation by Trevi


For the supply of oxygen in our realisations Trevi has its own unique fine bubble aeration system.