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Tratamiento biológico del gas residual: bioscrubber

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  • Removal of odour
  • Removal of biological degradable volatile compounds (low Henry-constant):
    • alcohols (methanol, ethanol…)
    • ammonia
    • phenols
    • sulfur and nitrogen compounds


A bioscrubber consists of two main components:

  • scrubber
  • biologicol reactor

The components to be removed are evacuated in the gas washer from the gas flow by adsorption in the wash water (biological activated sludge). Biodegradable hydrocarbons are absorbed in the wash water to be biodegraded in the bioreactor. The purified washing water is then recirculated in the scrubber.

The closed biological system needs a carbon source (easily degradable hydrocarbons), additional nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus ...) and make-up water. In addition acid or base can also be added for pH correction.




  • Manure treatment
  • Solvents (VOS):
    • Chemical industry
    • Printing

The most common ways of implementing the bioscrubber are:

  • Scrubber with container unit as a bioreactor
  • Scrubber and basins in concrete (higher flow rates)


Gas scrubber with bioreactor