Prensa | Vegetable waste is energy

Anaerobic digestion plant produces green energy

source: - 2012-09-04

The producer of frozen vegetables Ardo took at its headquarters in Ardooie an anaerobic digestion plant in operation. Thsi Biogas installation processes about 30.000 tons of plant waste streams .... The rest of the article can be found here (in Dutch).

At Ardo in Ardooie: Green energy from vegetable waste

source: - 2012-07-13

On Thursday, July 12th Ardo presented its newly launched anaerobic digestion installation. Ardo relied on the expertise of TREVI - BiogasTec for it's construction with whom they founded Digrom Energy together. The installation was built on the site of Ardo Ardooie and works with raw materials from the production process of the company. The generated energy is then re-used by Ardo in the production process. An textbook example of a closed loop. The entire article can be found here (in Dutch)

Ardo produces its own electricity from vegetable waste

source: - 2012-07-13

Ardo from Ardooie now creates its own electricity. The plant built with energy companies and Trevi BiogasTec a large biogas plant at its site. The complete article can be found here (in Dutch).