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Trevi builds and operates the Brussels Airport waste water treatment plant

source: Aquarama nr. 56 - 2012-06-01

The Brussels Airport Company manages all airport facilities, taking care for the environment is one of their key values. The complete article can be found here (in Dutch).


Waste water treatment plant with holding tank

source: Industrie technisch & management - 2010-12-13

In September 2010 the Brussels Airport in Zaventem appointed their own waste water treatment plant. The full article (in Dutch) can be found here.


Brussels Airport has its own waste water purification plant

source: Flightlevel - 2010-09-16 / - 2010-09-16

Today The Brussels Airport Company officially takes in operation their new waste water treatment plant. The plant was designed and build by TREVI, who has a comprehensive experience in environmental technology for years. Also the daily operation, the maintenence of the plant and the daily follow-up of the treatment process is managed by TREVI. The complex control theory of the system is watched by own specialists, and remote from another location by the experts from TREVI. By commissioning of this waste water treatment plant Brussels Airport is joining the major European aircraft players from environmental point of view. The English article link is down, but the Dutch article is still online here.